Monday, July 27, 2015

Arataki Honey Farm Trip

On Friday Room 20 went on a bus to Arataki Honey Farm. We went to Arataki Honey Farm so that we could learn about bees because we are learning about insects for our inquiry. 
First we got introduced to some people at Arataki. Next we learnt about parts of a bee. We watched some videos about bees and bee keepers. 
We split up into 3 groups and got to do some really cool stuff. We made some candles out of wax. We learnt about the Queen Bee and looked for her in the hive. We got to dress up as bees and beekeepers. We also did some puzzles and looked through microscopes. 

"Bees have 5 eyes."- Kyro
"Bees have 6 legs."- Caden
"Bees have 2 antennae."- Meg 
"They have 4 wings."- George
"They have 1 stinger."- Reagan
"They have 1 tongue like a straw to suck up the nectar."- Issy 
We had a buddy to look after so that we wouldn't get hurt or lost.

This is the beekeeper. He collects the honey and checks on the bees. 
There are 2 boxes that always stay there because they are the bees homes.

Making candles

Can you see the Queen Bee?

Looking for the Queen Bee.