Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Room 20's Maths Thinking Hats

Check out our awesome maths thinking hats. 
"We wanted to see what's in our brains."
"That is our knowledge."
"It's all of the stuff that's in Room 20's hats. It's all of our maths stuff that we already know."

"2+2=4 I know my doubles."

"I know my skip counting in 5's. 5,10,15,20..."

"In my maths hat there are patterns. Rectangle, circle, rectangle, circle..."

"I know 100+100=200."

"There are lots of things in my maths hat like skip counting in 5's."

"In my maths hat there are pluses and counting in 5's, 10's and 2's."

"I have doubles in my maths hat."

"I have doubles and also I've got 7 to count backwards from."

"I've got less than and greater than. I have counting and doubles."

"I have 2+2=4 and I've got counting in 1's and skip counting in 2's, 5's, 10's."

"In my maths hat there are some symbols like + = and > <."

"In my maths hat I've got counting in 5's."

"There are squares and rectangles and some triangles."

"In my maths hat there is skip counting in 5's."

"There are doubles and skip counting in 10's."

"In my maths hat there are doubles like 5+5=10 and 2+2=4."

Written by Room 20. 
Absent: Ganya, Clinton, Kyro and Jacob. 

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Book Character Dress Up Day

On Friday we had a dress up day for Mr Bremer's farewell. We knew that Mr Bremer liked dressing up so we dressed up as book characters. 
Room 20 were having fun!- Issy

Room 20 liked dressing up- Kate

We took some funny photos. 

"I am wearing a Spiderman costume because I wanted to."

"I'm Pirate Girl". 

"I am dressed up as Zac Power. I had spy gadgets."

"I am dressed up as a Minion."

"I am twins with Issy because she was dressed up as Anna too"

"I am Rapunzel"

"I am dressed up as Paddington Bear and I like dressing up as Paddington Bear."

"I dressed up as Snow White because I love Snow White."

"I dressed up as Anna."

"I am dressed up as a fairy. Mum made my costume."

"I am Angelina Ballerina."

"I am Little Red Riding Hood."

"I am dressed up as Tinkerbell from Peter Pan."

"I am Spiderman because it is my favourite book character and my favourite colour."

"I am a witch from Meg and Mog."

"I am dressed up as Tiger Boy."

"I am Captain America."

Written by Room 20. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Jump Rope For Heart

On Friday we had Jump Rope for Heart. We did lots of skipping. We did running skipping, skipping on the spot and skipping with the long rope.
There was music and there were cool songs. We had fun!
Room 20 raised some money for the Heart Foundation.

"It was great"- Clinton
"It was awesome!"- Kyro
"It was good."- Issy
"It took a long time." -NT
"My favourite part was the running skipping. I loved it!"- Coll
"My favourite part was being on the courts."- Reagan
"My favourite part was when we skipped on the spot. I did 101 skips."- Ganya

-Written by Room 20.

He is jumping very high- Kyro

Reagan is happy- Hayley

Hayley is jumping over the rope- Ruby

Ruby is running- Issy

They're jumping over the long rope- Sofia

I am happy jumping- Meg

I'm jumping high and I am happy- Jacob

I am nervous and I am happy too- Fern

I had fun skipping- Clinton

We are running and skipping and jumping- Caden

I am having fun skipping- Emma

Thanks Rylee for taking all of these cool photos!